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Simulation Models Currently in Use

Listed below are the various simulation models acquired, tested and put to use at GCISC:

Regional Climate Models:

  • PRECIS (Hadley Centre, UK)
  • RegCM4 (AS-ICTP, Italy)

Watershed Models:

  • DHSVM (Univ. of Washington, USA)
  • UBC (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada)
  • HEC-HMS (US Army Corps of Engineers)
  • TAC-D (ETHZ Switzerland)
  • TOPKAPI (ETHZ Switzerland)

Crop Simulation Models:

  • DSSAT: Decision Support System for Agro-technology Transfer (Univ. of Georgia, Griffin, USA) comprising the models:
    • CERES (for cereals)
    • CROPGRO (for grain legumes)
    • CROPSIM (for root crops)
    • Other Crop Models (for Tomato, Sunflower, Sugarcane, Pasture)
  • APSIM: Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator (Agricultural Production Systems Research Unit, Australia)
  • InfoCrop: (Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR), India)
  • AQUACROP: FAO (Italy) Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy
  • MOSAICC: Modeling System for Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change, Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy

Water Management Models:

  • PODIUM: Policy Dialogue Model (International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • CROPWAT: FAO (Italy)


  • CALPUFF (Source: ASG, USA)
  • HYSPLIT ((Source: NOAA, USA)
  • GAINS Asia: Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (IIASA, Austria)

ED's Message


 GCISC heartily congratulates Mr. Muhammad Arif Goheer, Head-Agriculture & Coordination, on being elected as the CHAIR of the UNFCCC's Consultative Group of Experts (CGE). It's matter of pride for the Centre, Ministry of Climate Change and Pakistan. We wish him all the best for his new responsibilities.

 Ms. Naheed S. Durrani has taken the charge as Secretary Ministry of Climate Change. The Centre warmly welcomes her as the Secretary, MoCC as well as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors of GCISC.