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Simulation Models Currently in Use

Listed below are the various simulation models acquired, tested and put to use at GCISC:

Regional Climate Models:

  • PRECIS (Hadley Centre, UK)
  • RegCM4 (AS-ICTP, Italy)

Watershed Models:

  • DHSVM (Univ. of Washington, USA)
  • UBC (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada)
  • HEC-HMS (US Army Corps of Engineers)
  • TAC-D (ETHZ Switzerland)
  • TOPKAPI (ETHZ Switzerland)

Crop Simulation Models:

  • DSSAT: Decision Support System for Agro-technology Transfer (Univ. of Georgia, Griffin, USA) comprising the models:
  • CERES (for cereals)
  • CROPGRO (for grain legumes)
  • CROPSIM (for root crops)
  • Other Crop Models (for Tomato, Sunflower, Sugarcane, Pasture)
  • InfoCrop: (Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR), India)
  • AQUACROP: FAO (Italy) "Simulation Models Currently in Use" under "Crop Simulation Models"

Water Management Models:

  • PODIUM: Policy Dialogue Model (International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka)
  • CROPWAT: FAO (Italy)


  • CALPUFF (Source: ASG, USA)
  • HYSPLIT ((Source: NOAA, USA)
  • GAINS Asia: Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (IIASA, Austria)

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