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Capacity building & awareness raising

Capacity building

A core objective of the GCISC is to undertake all measures to accelerate research work necessary for the study of climate change and its impacts, including through the building of the technical and institutional capacity of national and provincial climate research institutions. To this end, the Centre organizes national and regional level advanced training workshops with the help of international experts, provides opportunities to national climate researchers for training within and outside Pakistan, and supports ongoing MS and PhD programs in various national universities working on climate related topics. In recent years, training activities have been undertaken in the following areas:

  • Regional Climate System Modeling
  • Crop Simulation Modeling
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Downscaling of Climate Scenarios
  • Analysis of Climate Extremes
  • Food and Water Security

Awareness raising

The GCISC Act 2013 mandates the Centre with the task of generating ‘’public awareness of the phenomenon of climate change and its impacts’’. To this end, GCISC staff and officials have undertaken a range of activities including:

  • Participation in more than 60 roundtable discussions, panel discussions and consultation meetings organized by civil society organizations
  • Participation in climate-related TV programs on PTV, GEO, SAMAA, CNBC and Value TV and other channels
  • Participation in climate-related radio programs at Radio Pakistan and BBC
  • Participation in national and international conferences, workshops or seminars
  • Circulating a weekly news digest of information related to climate change to an extensive network of stakeholders
  • Organizing a weekly lecture on climate related subject
  • Organizing a national workshop on climate change
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