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Water Resources & Glaciology

The objectives of this Section include the assessment of likely climate change impacts on snow/glacier-fed fresh water resources of Pakistan. The methodology used for this purpose is the simulation of various hydrological processes of the Indus River System, and the identification of appropriate coping mechanisms, including changes in the water management strategies to deal with the adverse impacts and meet future demands for agriculture, drinking water, hydropower generation, industry and river ecology.


  • High elevation climate change assessment
  • Empirical/Statistical downscaling (e.g. Weather generators) of GCM/RCM climate data (e.g. CORDEX) for use in hydrologic studies
  • Assessing hydrological changes of Upper Indus Basin under different future scenarios through RS/GIS aided hydrological modelling to investigate;
    • Water availability in the near and far future
    • Changes in the inter and intra-annual pattern of melt water from snow/glacier and resultant river flows
  • Groundwater modelling in the context of climate change
  • Assessing hydrologic impacts in the Indus River Delta


Water Staff (click for details)

Dr. M. Zia-ur-Rahman Hashmi

Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain Ahmad

Dr. Amjad Masood