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Dr. Shaukat Ali

Designation: Senior Scientific Officer (SSO), Climatology section

Education: PhD (Meteorology)

Email: pirshauki@gmail.com


Publications (Peer review with IF):

  • Khan, F., Pilz, J., & Shaukat Ali. (2017). Improved hydrological projections and reservoir management in the Upper Indus Basin under the changing climate. Water and Environment Journal. (Published)
  • Adnan, M., Rehman, N., Shaukat Ali, Mehmood, S., Mir, K. A., Khan, A. A., & Khalid, B. (2017). Prediction of summer rainfall in Pakistan from global sea surface temperature and sea level pressure. Weather, 72(3), 76-84. (Published)
  • Khan, F. & Shaukat Ali. (2017).Evaluation of Statistical Downscaling Models by using Pattern and Dependent Structure in the Monsoon Dominated Region of Pakistan. Journal of  Weather (Accepted)
  • Khaild B, Javeed, Shaukat Ali. et al (2017): An Application of Single Model Ensemble System for Seasonal Prediction of Winter Temperature for Islamabad and Lahore using Coupled General Circulation Models. Journal of  Weather (Accepted)
  • Gul C, Shaukat Ali. et al (2017): Using Landsat images to monitor changes in the snow-covered area of selected glaciers in northern Pakistan. Journal of Mountain Science (Accepted)
  • Shaukat Ali, Li, D., Congbin, F., & Khan, F. (2015). Twenty first century climatic and hydrological changes over Upper Indus Basin of Himalayan region of Pakistan. Environmental Research Letters, 10(1), 014007. (Published)
  • Shaukat Ali, Li, D., Congbin and Yang, Y. (2014): The Performance of Convective Parameterization Schemes (CPSs) in Asia Using REGional Climate Model (RegCM): the 1998-2002 simulation in three typical regions. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences doi:10.1007/s00376-014-4158-4 (Published)

Publications (Conference):

  • Shaukat Ali et al. (2017): Future Changes in Drought Characteristics over Pakistan Using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI): 1970-2099. First International Conference on "Emerging Trends In Earth And Environmental Sciences" from 9-10 March 2017. College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore. (Got 2nd best research award)
  • Shaukat Ali  ET AL. (2016). Application of CORDEX data over mountainous region of Pakistan: ICRC-2016 CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.icrc-cordex2016.org/.
  • Bushra Khalid and Shaukat Ali  ET AL. (2016). The Performance of RegCM with Different Convective Parameterization Schemes in the Mid Latitude Himalaya Region: ICRC-2016 CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.icrc-cordex2016.org/.
  • Shaukat Ali  ET AL. (2014). Future hydrological and climatic changes over upper Indus basin of Pakistan: www.MAIRS2014.org

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