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Mr. Muhammad Adnan

Designation: Senior Scientific Officer, climtology section

Education: MSc Statistics & M.Phil. Statistics,

Phone#: Office: 051-9262704-5 (ext.: 830),

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals:

1.Adnan, M., Rehman, N., Ali, S., Mehmood, S., Mir, K. A., Khan, A. A. and Khalid, B. (2017), Prediction of summer rainfall in Pakistan from global sea-surface temperature and sea-level pressure. Weather, 72:76-84. doi:10.1002/wea.2784(Published)

2.Adnan M, Rehman N, Shahbir J (2016) Predicting the Frequency and Intensity of Climate Extremes by Regression Models. J Climatol Weather Forecasting 4:185. doi: 10.4172/2332-2594.1000185(Published)

3.Sheikh, M. M., Manzoor, N., Ashraf, J.,Adnan, M., Collins, D., Hameed, S., Manton, M. J., Ahmed, A. U., Baidya, S. K., Borgaonkar, H. P., Islam, N., Jayasinghearachchi, D., Kothawale, D. R., Premalal, K. H. M. S., Revadekar, J. V. and Shrestha, M. L. (2015), Trends in extreme daily rainfall and temperature indices over South Asia. Int. J. Climatol., 35: 1625–1637. doi:10.1002/joc.4081(Published)

4.Revadekar, J. V., Hameed, S., Collins, D., Manton, M., Sheikh, M., Borgaonkar, H. P., Kothawale, D. R., Adnan, M., Ahmed, A. U., Ashraf, J., Baidya, S., Islam, N., Jayasinghearachchi, D., Manzoor, N., Premalal, K. H. M. S. and Shreshta, M. L. (2013), Impact of altitude and latitude on changes in temperature extremes over South Asia during 1971–2000. Int. J. Climatol., 33: 199–209. doi:10.1002/joc.3418(Published)

5.A.K. Signhvi, K. Rupakumar, M. Thamban, A.K. Gupta, V.S. Kale, R.R. Yadav, A Bhattacharyya, N.R. Phadtare, P.D. Roy, M.S. Chauhan, O.S. Chauhan, S. Chakravorty, M.M. Sheikh, N. Manzoor, M. Adnan, J.Ashraf, Arshad M. Khan, D.A Qaudir, L.P. Devkota and A. B, Shrestha. Co-authored in Chapter 3: “Instrumental, Terrestrial and Marine Records of the Climate of South Asia during the Holocene: Present Status, Unresolved Problems and Societal Aspects” of the Book: “Global Environmental Changes in South Asia: A Regional Perspective”, 2010 published by Capital Publishing Company, New Delhi, India (ISBN: 81-85589-73-9)(Published)

Publications in national journals:

1.M. Adnan, N. Rehman, M. M. Sheikh, A. A. Khan, K. A. Mir & M. A. Khan (2016), “Influence of Natural Forcing Phenomena on Precipitation of Pakistan”, Pakistan Journal of Meteorology, 2016, 12(24)(Published)

2.Khan A. A., J. Muhammad, G. D. Khan, M. Ijaz & M. Adnan (2016), “Quantitative Analysis of Watershed Hydrology for Kandar Dam (Kohat) using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Techniques” Pakistan Journal of Meteorology, 2016, 12(24)(Published)

3.M. M. sheikh, N. Manzoor, N. Rehman, M. Adnan, Arshad M. Khan, (2015), “Past and Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Forests of Pakistan”, GCISC- RR-17, Islamabad, Pakistan, ISBN: 978-969-9395-19-2(Published)

4.Sheikh, M. M., N. Manzoor, M. Adnan, J. Ashraf and Arshad M. Khan, 2009: Climate Profile and Past Climate Changes in Pakistan, GCISC-RR-01, Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC), Islamabad, Pakistan (ISBN: 978–969–9395–04–8)(Published)

5.Sheikh M. M., N. Manzoor, M.Adnan, 2012. “Precipitation Related Disasters in Pakistan, Linkage to Climate Change, Risk Reduction and Possible Adaptation Measures” Published in the “proceeding of the Second International Disaster Management Conference (IDMC-2010)” and Book: “Good Governance in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation”, 2012, University of Peshawar, Pakistan (ISBN: 978-969-9710-00(Published)

Publications in conferences:

1.Muhammad Adnan and Nadia Rehman (2017), “Climate Extremes and Desertification Trends over Pakistan in Context of Climate Change”, in First International Conference on Emerging Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences (ETEES), 09-10 March, 2017, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

2. Shaukat Ali et al. Muhammad Adnan (2017): Future Changes in Drought Characteristics over Pakistan Using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI): 1970-2099. First International Conference on "Emerging Trends In Earth And Environmental Sciences" from 9-10 March 2017. College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore. (Got 2nd best research award)

3.Naeem Manzoor, Muhammad Adnan, Javeria Ashraf and M. Munir Sheikh: “Climate Extremes Indices Trends over South Asia and specifically over Pakistan” in the International Conference on Asian Monsoon and Climate Change, 20-21 January, 2014, Islamabad, Pakistan.

4.M. Munir Sheikh, Muhammad Adnan and Naeem Manzoor: “Monsoon Variability and Predictability in Pakistan in the context of Climate Change” in the International Conference on Asian Monsoon and Climate Change, 20-21 January, 2014, Islamabad, Pakistan.

5.Javeria Ashraf, M. Arif Goheer, Muhammad Adnan and M. Munir Sheikh: “Future Changes in Extreme Climate Indices in the Northern Irrigated and Rainfed Regions of Pakistan Using Downscaled GCMs and their Possible Impacts on Wheat Yield” in the International Conference on Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges 9-11 May, 2012, Islamabad, Pakistan.

6.Muhammad Adnan, Javeria Ashraf and M. Munir Sheikh: “Prediction of Monsoon Rainfall over the Monsoon Dominate Region of Pakistan” in the SAARC Workshop on Science and Technology Issues on Climate Change, 21-22 March, 2011, COMSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan.

7.M. Munir Sheikh, Naeem Manzoor, Javeria Ashraf and Muhammad Adnan: “Climate Extreme Trends in South Asia” in the International Conference on Global Change (Joint AS-ICTP and NCP Activity) 13-17 November, 2006, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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